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Teacher Chichi 8D

This summer, I volunteered to teach arts and crafts classes to kids in our foundation (ADF). I taught digital illustration for arts and fabric jewelry for the crafts. Haha. My classes lasted for 2 weeks, with around 90-100 students/kids per subject, at least 25 students per class. I’m not really used to teaching, but I had so much fun!


The little “classroom” I set up, haha. 

Our digital illustrations class focused on SAI Paint Tool more than anything, heheh, since it’s practically the easiest to learn, especially for newbies and kids, LOL.

A cellphone charm project I made in handicrafts class using some fabric jewelry techniques. We made brooches, hairclips, corsages, bracelets, you name it! HAHA. A little girl even made a bag out of cute little fabric flowers. Oh, the creativity of children! :D

So far, this is probably the most fruitful summer I’ve ever had. :) Selfless giving sure feels GOOD! :)

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