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Happy birthday to my blog! :D

Hello! :) 

It’s been exactly a year since I started this blog here on tumblr. :”> And I’m quite proud of what it had become!

I can say that I have really improved in a lot of ways, especially with my drawing skills. :D Well yes, I’m not (that) shy anymore to say that I can draw. haha. =)) We all have to praise ourselves sometimes, right? ;)

It’s not that hard to believe when I look at my old drawings. They just prove that people do improve! Especially when you set your mind and heart into it. Be open to change and try to learn something new (techniques, styles) each day. 

See? You can do it too! :)

Don’t worry if at first you might seem like your copying someone else’s style or technique. Before you know it, you will also develop something of your own too! 

So here’s to another tumblr year. :D 

P.S. Sorry for not being able to post anything for the past couple of weeks since I’ve had (and still have) my hands full with commissions and projects. :D /so happy. ;u;

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  8. lulapops said: To be honest, i like the older version better lol it has style and looks simple but cute but i get what you mean :D 2011 is more refined and nicely drawn! XD
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