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Last year, Rainbowholic Kaila and I worked on Indonesian blogger and kawaii leader Stella Lee's new website/blog layout! :)

Like most of our collaborative work, I did the illustrations and graphics while Kaila did the layout coding! Twinnie tandem hahahaha (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Check out Stella’s website here (her posts are super fun and informative! ♥) : http://www.stellalee.net/

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Rainbowholic + LittleMissPaintbrush Photobook

Gaaahh~ Our very first photobook!!! //tearsofjoy

(Photo taken from Rainbowholic’s (Kaila’s) FB page) ^^

Details to be posted soon. :D

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littlemisspaintbrush x rainbowholic postcard collaboration/commission! :D

kaila’s wonderful photography + my drawings. <3 twin power! :)))

bubble gum balloons. why not? :3

cute backpack is cute. :D

looking at this makes me wanna go biking. :O

strawberry cream princess in a cup! i remember someone from the past calling me "prinsesang nakaupo sa tasa" (princess sitting on a cup). don’t know why. :)))

wish we had one like this here. :\

personally, i like kiiroitori (the big yellow chick) more than rilakkuma. :3 i don’t just like her, i love her. (yepp that chick is a girl)

copied from kaila’s favorite sailor shirt attire! :D

i like decora fashion because it’s so colorful. @u@

mr. squid’s ink-fart drives the girls away. no wonder he’s alone. :(

photo-inception! :3

i wonder what a sweet-goth-punk lolita fusion would look like.

did you notice that there are too many bunnies in these photos? because i like bunnies. they’re 2nd to cats. :D

"just me shopping firewood and mushrooms in the city."

looks like someone’s being followed!! :O

featuring pig-rabbit from “pig-rabbit is beautiful” korean drama. :)

bunny family circus. i told you i like bunnies. :P

penguin snow globe!! :D

dibs on the one with the little colorful cars! :D

a tribute to the rainbowholic photographer, kaila! :) <3 (that’s her awesome watermelon skirt!) :D

these postcards are available (i’m not sure if it’s for sale or given as a freebie to shoppers) on her webshop, www.shop.rainbowholic.me. :)

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